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Traveling and playing at casinos in India during the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer a problem with e-Pass

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In India, there is again a surge in the incidence of COVID-19, in connection with which the state has introduced new restrictions for the local population. All gaming establishments are allowed to work with a capacity of up to 50% of people. It has led to a significant decrease in the attendance of various entertainment venues. The number of sporting events held has decreased. A reduction in activity is also observed in online gambling establishments, as well as in bookmakers. Many people have lost money due to a lack of work and have stopped betting as entertainment.

The government has mandated that people go to public places only if they test negative for COVID-19 or if they have a vaccine certificate and no health problems. However, ongoing confirmatory RT-PCR testing is long and expensive. Therefore, a convenient alternative for everyone was introduced – e-Pass.

epass India

What is an e-Pass?

An e-Pass is an electronic document that allows you to safely move around the country and travel outside it during the quarantine period. It can be used for work, travel, study, returning home, enrolling in an educational institution, etc. The permit allows you to visit public places, including offline gambling establishments. The electronic document will give you an easy way to pass a police check.

A pass is issued online, eliminказating contact with third parties and the risk of contracting Covid-19. You can apply for an electronic pass to travel during curfew at epasskki.info. You will need the following types of documents to apply:

  • identification;
  • address confirmation;
  • letter of application indicating the purpose of the electronic document.

This permission can be considered an e-passport, so it can be used to confirm registration in an online gambling establishment. At bons-casino.in the gambler can use an electronic passport to verify his profile to play the game or slot machines.

The electronic permit was introduced to control the pandemic and streamline the lifting of restrictive measures in the country during the lockdown. Having access allows people to cross state and national borders quickly. Depending on the state, e-Pass may have distinctive features.

e-pass district collectorate

Checklist before applying for an e-pass

The situation with COVID-19 remains acute. The epidemic then subsides, then again becomes more active. Therefore, the state will not lift restrictions on movement within the country for long. In this connection, you should now think about the need for electronic permission. Suppose you do not want to issue one, or you need an e-Pass more for entertainment. In that case, we recommend players visit the Bons casino website to play slots, eliminating the risk of contracting the virus through contact with other people.

Before applying for an electronic pass, read the basic rules related to the pass system:

  1. Not all regions of the country allow the movement of citizens for travel.
  2. You must have a valid reason and proof of identity to move between states.
  3. Carefully fill in the data for issuing a document, and check all the information you enter. The document will be considered invalid if an error is detected, and travel within the country will become impossible.
  4. Keep a copy of all submitted documents before applying.
  5. Check for an uninterrupted Internet connection to receive a one-time password when applying for an e-document.
  6. Save the application number to check the status of the app. Take a screenshot when generating a number, or save the number in a safe place.
  7. Keep paper copies of all documents with you at all times, or better still, keep the originals with you. You may be asked for them in case of an inspection.

If you definitely decided to issue a pass, leave an application and wait for the document to be issued. Instead of visiting public places, limit yourself to online establishments like Bons casino, which provide round-the-clock access to popular slots.

The state has not established categories of the population that have the right to issue an electronic permit or vice versa, which are prohibited from issuing a document. Today, anyone can apply for an e-pass.

Note: If you plan to travel around the country in your vehicle, the document should also be issued on a car. In most states of India, free movement of vehicles is allowed; however, restrictions still apply in some regions.

How to get an e-Pass?

Today, there are several ways to get an electronic document. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

State-wise links Several online resources interact with the state base. With their help, you can apply for a valid electronic permit, which will not be fake and will not create problems with the police. It is recommended to use epasskki.info.
Mobile app Many states have developed a region-specific mobile app to simplify the process of issuing electronic documents. You can use it to quickly get what you need. Don’t forget to keep track of the status of your request.
National Informatics Center Data can be obtained from the National Informatics Center website. Each region has its version of the pass. In the menu, you must select the state of residence and the document’s purpose.

If you are having trouble obtaining an e-pass, you should contact customer service. At epasskki.info you will find the phone number of technical support, which is available 24/7 to help users at any time. Note that customer service is provided in English, which is very convenient.

4.5/5 - (8 votes)

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